Monday, February 12, 2007


With all this business development stuff, I'm trying hard not to take myself too seriously. Yet if I don't take me seriously, who will? It seems a tricky balance. There are times in mediation when I work hard at lightening the mood in the room, other times when it seems to come naturally, and still other times when it just doesn't happen. Period. There's nothing worse than when my attempt to break the tension in mediation results in confounding all parties. Or maybe there is something ... It's definitely worse when only one person laughs or smiles at something I say. Neutrality and the perception of it, anyone? Sometimes I forget that as mediators we're human too, and we're going to make human mistakes, no matter how well trained, experienced and educated.

So I'm opening my blog for all to see, removing my fear (or ignoring it) that I will a) piss off Rob B. for using the word "pronoia" for my blog title which he apparently did not "coin" but about which he did write a book recently b) piss off my family members and friends and ex-co-workers because they'll end up in my blog somewhere, sometime, somehow c) make serious grammatical and spelling errors d) run out of things to write e) stay up at night thinking of things about which to write and never run out of ideas and spend all my time on my blog instead of on my business development f) other.

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