Saturday, March 17, 2007

Mediation Blogs Listings

Thanks to having just joined Diane Levin's Online Guide to Mediation feed I learned this morning about The World Directory of Alternative Dispute Resolution Blogs which is a project she started. It looks like a pretty comprehensive listing of blogs written by bloggers throughout the world covering various alternative dispute resolution topics.

To be listed, you must have a blog with at least 7 posts (this is number 7 for me!), be discussing some form of ADR in your blog, and ideally mention the blog on your site (it's commercial-free and isn't everything by word of mouth more fun anyway?) . The "guidelines for submission" are a bit more detailed than that but those are the basics.

So I plan on submitting my blog to be listed but first I have to come up with a 75 word description of it. Wordy as I have a tendency to get at times, that's just not an easy task for a mediation blog titled: Pronoia Mediation. The title, in and of itself, escapes definition, which was the point of my choosing it.

I'll think of something.


Geoff Sharp said...

Hi Laura, welcome to the mediation blogosphere, I'm looking forward to reading your blog as it developes. Great start!

Geoff Sharp
mediator blah...blah...

Laura L. Noah said...

Thanks, Geoff. It's a lot more fun than I ever anticipated. I'm definately at risk of realizing fear "e" from my second post on Feb 12: that I will "spend all my time on my blog instead of on my business development." Yet I've managed to convince myself it's all one in the same. I do hope your talent at writing interesting yet relatively brief posts will rub off on me.