Monday, July 5, 2010

Transitioning from Blog Posts to Articles

Three years ago I started this blog with the intention of meaningfully considering important issues in mediation, particularly those affecting the professional mediator. While posts became fewer in number as each year passed, I believe the words that were written here contributed new thoughts and critiques to the field of ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution).

The reality, however, is that I could not sustain the quality of introspection and writing that I wanted to achieve. To do so in blog format became too great a challenge since blogs require frequent contributions and my style and interest in writing on various mediation topics did not coincide with that format.

It is therefore time now to shift things from the forum of a blog to one of written articles for the Noah Mediation Website. I will be re-posting the majority of articles from this blog on the Noah Mediation Website in additional to contributing new articles, particularly for potential clients. While I sustain a insatiable interest in the professional aspects of mediation, I also have seen a tremendous need on the part of clients to learn more about mediation from a non-mediator participant perspective.

So while Pronoia Mediation will soon cease to exist, I will continue to contribute thought-provoking articles about mediation. Please consider one of the following ways in which to continue reading articles written by me:

1. If you are on Facebook you can become a "fan" of Noah Mediation Services and receive articles on your FB homepage as they are posted. Here is the link:

2. If you would like articles emailed directly to you, please send an email to "" and ask to subscribe and you will be put on the email list.

3. Check Noah Mediation Services website at directly for updated articles.

For those of you who have followed Pronoia Mediation, I thank you for your interest and support.
Laura L. Noah

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