Tuesday, September 9, 2014

"Dear Mediator"

I’ve decided to try something I’m calling “Dear Mediator” where readers write to me about a conflict and I present a possible approach for how they might go about resolving it. Since I will obviously only be learning one side of the conflict, and since I am a mediator, I will refrain from presenting one solution or outcome. Instead I will focus my response on a possible process for obtaining a healthy resolution. 

I like thinking about conflict. To me conflict is a puzzle that if taken apart and put back together in a myriad of ways has the potential to meet multiple needs. I’ve never liked the idea that there is only one truth or that one thing is right and another thing wrong. Certainly this may be the case in some instances, but most human behavior, conflict, etc., is complex and nuanced. 

I’ll respond once to all serious submissions and will choose some to publish anonymously on www.pronaoimediation.blogspot.com 

I don’t have all of the answers but I do like to puzzle over conflict and I have found that most people like to talk about conflicts they are experiencing.  

To participate: 

*Send an email to dearmediator@noahmediation.com with the following. 

1)      In the “subject” line of your email, give yourself an anonymous name that I could use if I decide to publish your email. Also use this name when you sign the letter.

2)      In 100 words or less describe the conflict.

3)      In 100 words or less tell me what, if anything, you have already done to try and resolve it and what worked or didn’t work.

4)      In 100 words or less describe the perfect outcome to the conflict from your perspective. 

Please spread the word.
Current clients may not participate.

*Disclaimer: Email addresses and other personal information will be kept confidential with the following exceptions: in the case of threats of harm to oneself or others or in the event that a child or elder is being neglected or abused, confidentiality may be broken. I am not an attorney and any information provided by me shall not be construed as legal advice. Do not send emails that involve untreated mental illness, untreated substance abuse or other addictions, domestic violence, or the abuse of elders or children. Do not send emails requesting legal advice. I am not a therapist and participation shall not be construed as therapy. Current clients may not participate. I reserve the right to exclude any emails from participation without explanation.

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